Santa's First Magical Ride

There are several more opportunities to see Santa's First Magical Ride," a novel take on the traditional Santa story. Showing at Youngstown Cultural Art Center in West Seattle through December 23rd. Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets.

For a review of the play, written by a woman who took her children to see it, visit the Sowdering About in Seattle blog.

Excerpted from the Yulestory website:

This musical adaptation of 2011′s original work was created by Ricky Gene Powell and the book author, Paul S. Carr III.

It brings to life the story of how the Elves raised “Kringle”, the struggles between Kringle and the Elf-King, Kril, as the young man from Yule finds his true purpose in life, and what happened on that first dangerous magical ride.

The Elves talk and sing in rhyme, and the dancing is lively, driven by celtic, bluegrass, and folk melodies and rhythms. Both Ricky and Paul are life-long professional musicians, and Ricky Gene uses his experience as a playwright and director to make this timeless tale sparkle with excitement and joy for young and old alike.


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