"Out of the Shadows" at Community Folk Arts

Community Folk Arts is playing host to Out of the Shadows – an art show inspired by punk, goth and alley art. People are hungry for arts and culture, the bacteria-ridden counterculture scenes of punk, goth and alley art should produce a fine crop. The reception should be fairly sweet, there’ll be some live painting, instillation work, sticker swap, buttons, zines, d and d, and some cool custom screen printed t-shirts from our friends at Clone Press. All kinds of fun stuff set to a cool scene.

The event has also been offered up as a resource for local arts groups to come and hang out, with the intent of some networking done in a casual non-solicitous way. Often times, organic conversations can contribute to impactful interactions/relationships. Those conversations formed over art can also unify seemingly disparate attitudes and help form a stronger cultural net that we are all working towards building.

Please join curator Amber Raven and crew at this B-town Beat Art Walk venue on the First Friday of September (the 6th) from 7 to 10 pm at Community Folk Arts in beautiful downtown Burien: 639 SW 152nd St.

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