Shakespeare in the Park: Henry IV, Part 1

Burien Arts Association is pleased to present Shakespeare in the Park 2018, opening with Henry IV, Part 1, produced and directed by Greenstage.

When: Saturday, July 21 at 7:00 PM
Where: Lake Burien School Memorial Park
1620 SW 149th St, Burien
Cost: Free. Donations to Burien Arts appreciated.

Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and picnic. Restrooms and children’s play equipment available.

King Henry IV’s reign is in trouble, with wars in Wales and Scotland and friction with the powerful Percy family.

In addition, his son and heir, Prince Hal of Wales, neglects his princely duties and spends his time in taverns with ne’er-do-wells. Chief among them is John Falstaff, a charismatic drunkard and bad influence on the young prince.

“When we think "history play", it often brings to mind some challenging production dense with politics,” director Amelia Meckler Bowers remarked. “But this play is about relationships: fathers and sons; the king who can see nothing but fault in his son and looks to Henry “Hotspur” Percy as an example of his ideal son; and a son searching for a father who comes to look to a poor example in Falstaff.”

In the conclusion, the quarrel with the Percys comes to a head at Shrewsbury where Prince Hal takes on Hotspur in one-on-one combat.

For more about Burien Arts, visit the Burien Arts website.

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