WE the PEOPLE at Black Zia Cantina

Come to Black Zia Cantina INAUGURATION DAY, JANUARY 20th, from 6 pm to 9 pm for the opening reception for WE the PEOPLE.

WE the PEOPLE is an art show of political conscious, hosted at Black Zia Cantina in Burien by Serpent and Crow Arts. Original artwork from local artists inspired by the hopes and fears we face as a community in the current political climate will be on exhibit.

Also on display will be 'rEvolution: UKRAINE - Defending Liberty and Dignity'.

The write up for this provoking set of images is as follows: Right now - as you read this - Ukraine is torn by war against Kremlin's ruthless occupation . "rEvolution, UKRAINE" - an opus of photojournalistic field notes documenting the popular uprising against repression - invites you to embark to this geopolitical hotspot of today's Eurasia to witness incredible individual and collective courage in defense of liberty and dignity against dictatorship.

On the heels of fearless field photographers, we time-travel through phantasmagoric landscapes of Independence Square, transmogrified by hundreds of thousands singing the national anthem in candlelight, drum circles of Maidan City, walls of raven-and-metal-clad paramilitary troops, barricades, and billowing smokescreens of tire pyres. Millions rose, thousands fell, thousands more grapple with grave injuries , fighting against tyranny and defending the nation's right to a democratic, just and independent future.

Look courage in the eye, be inspired, contemplate and act for positive change. rEvolution is a call for collective awareness, duty of care, and solidary engagement, as part of conscientious global citiz enship. And here, at home, in the wake of the Inauguration Day, we have much work cut out for us.

The reception on Inauguration Night is followed up by live music from KILLANDWAKE.

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