"With Dignity" at The Conservatory (Free Show)

The Seattle Playwrights Salon presents With Dignity by Kristina Sutherland Rowell and Raymond Williams on Friday March 10th at 7 p.m. at the Conservatory, 5813 Airport Way South, Seattle. Admission is free.

With Dignity, a funeral supply company, is throwing their annual holiday party. Stevie is excited to tend bar for her first gig in months. Her dream to pour drinks, get tips, and go home is dead and buried when an old friend asks a simple favor that lets loose chaos and sets the night awry. With Dignity serves up 90 minutes of coffin hijinks and slapstick humor.

The Conservatory is a Seattle art space and coffeehouse, community meeting place, and artists’ workshop in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, a growing and glowing arts haven in Seattle near I-5, just north of Boeing Field. The Salon produces new play readings and full productions on the second Friday of every month at The Conservatory to give local playwrights a public place to present new work in development to a live audience. Wine, cider, and beer available for purchase before the show.

Contact Salon curators Kate Danley or Margaret O’Donnell for more information.

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